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UsefulnessThe usefulness of Czech is limited to Czech Republic and Slovakia. As in many countries in Central Europe, ESL teaching is widespread and many young adults and teenagers speak at least some English. Many older Czechs speak varying degrees in German. Given the proximity to Austria and Germany, German is still a useful language for Czechs who work in tourism and commerce. Those who had come of age during the communist period also learned Russian as part of the mandatory imposition of Soviet culture during the Cold War. However, it is understandable that many Czechs refuse to speak Russian because of the association with the oppressive days of communism and Soviet-led crushing of the Czech uprising against communism in August 1968. Because of the close linguistic tie to Slovak, standard Czech and standard Slovak are still mutually intelligible for most adults. This intelligbility was reinforced during the days of a federated and later communist Czechoslovak state through much of the 20th century when Czech and Slovak were designated as the official languages. Official communications, literature and broadcasts were accessible to Czechs and Slovaks in both of these languages. It was quite easy for citizens to develop a strong passive knowledge of the other language. In addition, Slovak dialects were strongly influenced by Czech as Czech was the literary language of the Slovaks for a few centuries until the 18th or 19th century. With the breakup of Czechoslovakia into separate Czech and Slovak republics in 1993, the degree of mutual intelligibility is fading however. Many Czech teenagers and children now have more difficulty understanding Slovak than people who had grown up during Czechoslovakia's existence. Much the same is occuring in Slovakia with Slovak teenagers and children having increasing difficulty in understanding Czech. In a more general sense, a knowledge of Czech is a useful base to learn other Slavonic languages. In Czech you will encounter typically Slavonic grammatical and lexical specialities. See the appropriate section below for more information.
Chic factorLike Hungarian and Budapest, a knowledge of Czech is linked to Prague - that magic destination of a tourist's itinerary. In spite of this association, many Czechs do not regard their language as a major language for foreigners. As such, they will be pleasantly surprised if you take the time to learn some Czech or tell them that you want to learn Czech. They will be very tolerant of your mistakes and won't hesitate to help you learn, or if necessary switch to a language that you both know (e.g. English, German) While it may not convey the same sense of mystery or perhaps menace to a Westerner as a knowledge of its linguistic cousin: Russian (think KGB and dominating Soviet Olympic athletes), a knowledge of Czech is a rather unusual attribute for a Westerner. Perhaps seeing a Czech newspaper headline with its consonant clusters and diacritic marks would strike any English speaker as exotic. ;-)
CountriesCzech Republic (official), spoken by Czech immigrants and ethnic Czechs in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Canada and the United States.
SpeakersApproximately 12 million in total. Of those about 10 million live in the Czech Republic


Ashu jain has over 18 years of experience in the field of international career ,education consulting and foreign language linguistic . She is also running a foreign language school in the beautiful city Chandigarh AIFLC. She is the member of french association of France (IATF). She has traveled extensively and guided a large numbers of aspirants to leading US universities at both, the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has successfully guided a large number of students into the leading universities of the US including the Ivy League, MIT, Cal-tech, Stanford, Yale and the UCs, U Toronto, UBC, McGill and other universities of Canada and the top 10 in UK.

Ashu jain is passionate about mentoring aspirants for admissions into the top ranked US universities and grooming them for successful international careers. She believes that students have to open their minds and prepare for a more analytical thought process to be successful in a global setting.

Learning a foreign language is a demanding task but it can also be an achievement that broadens your horizons and exposes you to new opportunities and cultures.

In a competitive world, having knowledge of a foreign language other than English gives you an edge over many others who are only monolingual or those who are still stuck in the mindset that English is the only foreign language that one needs to learn.

With competency in foreign languages, one can find career in foreign ministries, embassies, international organizations’, airlines, diplomatic service, publishing industry etc.

There’s also a huge demand for foreign language specialists in BPO and IT sectors. Other options include working as a tour operator, translator, interpreter or teacher. As a case in point, the state-run Kendriya Vidyalas (KVs) are on a teacher-hiring spree to recruit German-speaking individuals in their thousands of schools in the country.

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